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Hello, World!

My blog has become terribly impersonal as of late. I refuse to be (if I can help it…conditional refusals are wonderful, no?) one of those people who quit blogging after they get married, so here’s a post to counteract my recent lack of personal sharing.

I am doing well – very well, in fact. I haven’t had a whole lot to do this past week, so it’s been a nice time to relax and rest up for the next three months before the wedding. I like to think while I work, so I was able to do some of that – as you can see from previous posts, I shampooed the living room and front room carpets (plus the stairs and some furniture). I feel like I must have done some other work, too, but I can’t remember what it is at this moment. I have been sewing pillows for the apartment – that has been fun. (You can see one of the two matching pillows in a previous post, as well.) I traced a couple of those tree-like things on the fabric onto some off-white cloth and am working on embroidering it. I hope it turns out nice. I got some thin brown cording to go around it in a pillow. I’ll post a picture of the completed project once I finish.

I have been thinking a lot, too. God is good to me. In the last month or so, I’ve been flipping back and forth between being super excited to get married and move to Colorado and being sad to leave NY and family and friends and, well, everything familiar. But, I think familiarity is overrated. Nothing ever really stays the same forever, anyhow. One of my “theme verses” right now is Joshua 1:9 which says, “Have I not commanded you? Be strong and courageous. Do not be frightened, and do not be dismayed, for the LORD your God is with you wherever you go.” I woke up with that verse in my head one morning after having a a day particularly dedicated to being sad about leaving home. 🙂 I very much have felt the presence of the Lord with me lately. It makes me tear up to think about. I almost feel that He is/will very literally carry me into this next season of life. I am looking forward to it. I almost feel a sort of separation from any earthly attachments, as if life is about so much more than a sense of security. That is very true, actually. It hasn’t been working to comfort myself with things like, “Once I get there, I know I will be fine,” or “I won’t miss everything so much after awhile.” That’s true, but it helps me so much more to look at my past, look at where He has brought me, and know that He – not anyone else (though He has used people; mostly my parents) – has been the one guiding me and leading me, and He will continue to do that. He promises that He doesn’t “change like shifting shadows” (James 1:17), and He will be faithful to that promise.

My mom and I will be going out to visit Shannon for a while at the end of the month. I am really looking forward to that – not only will it be nice to see the apartment, the area, and things like that, I can’t wait to see Shannon again! This will probably be the last time I see him before the wedding in August (though if we get desperate, we might squeeze in a weekend at some point…), so we are going to treasure every minute! My mom is really nice to be coming…

Another thing I have been doing lately is playing piano accompaniment for a local elementary school’s spring concert. A girl from my church is directing it (a group of about 100 kids), and she asked me to play for her. I’ve been going twice a week to practice; this Tuesday and Thursday are the concerts. I think they will go well; the kids do a really good job. Beth is a great choir director. The concert theme is “going green,” so all the songs have a “green” theme – “My Planet, Your Planet,” “It’s Easy Bein’ Green,” and “Let’s Clean Up Our World” being on the list. Really, though, the music is fun.

Next month, I get to go stay with Martha for awhile when she has the baby. I am really looking forward to that. I’m glad I get to get in some early bonding time with another nephew. 🙂 Though, I must say, I am really looking forward to having kids of my own. Shannon and I would not complain if we had a baby by next summer…but, of course, that’s up to God! As much as I would love to have a baby right away, I would also love having time as a couple, so I’m good with anything!

I don’t have much else interesting to write about, unless of course you want to hear about my “engagement syndrome.” I have been such an airhead lately – or, as Dad says, one step away from being an airhead. In all the years I have been driving, I never locked my keys in the car once. In the last month and a half, I’ve done it THREE TIMES! Three times! Today, I accidentally forgot to halve the butter in the rhubarb crisp I made. It wasn’t really crisp, it was more like, well, rhubarb syrup. Anyway, I’ve been making lots of little mistakes like that, and everyone is chocking it up to “engagement syndrome,” or something like that. Three more months to go, and I sincerely hope it goes away after that. I’m blonde enough on my own without outside forces!


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I’ve wanted to make a pillow for a long time, and today I finally did it. Thank you to Mom and Hannah and Martha for their kind advice. Don’t you think it will look good in Shannon and my apartment?



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…Rug Doctoring!








Also, here is the dessert I made last night – only 131 calories per serving.

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I went with Jessica on Sunday afternoon to pick up her new pet ducks. She got them from Farm and Tractor Supply, as well as other “ingredients” for their housing. Here she is holding the box of six happy ducklings.










Jessica also got this pet baby rabbit from a friend. I named him Pinecone.

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